The Bobcaygeon Ride: 400 km to Show Support for Gord Downie and Brain Cancer Research (UPDATE Included)

As yet more proof of fans doing amazing things in support of Gord Downie and the Tragically Hip, a group of fans are biking 400 km — from Toronto to Bobcaygeon and back again — to honour Downie and contribute to the Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada. If this is something that interests you, you are absolutely welcome to join.

This weekend, on Saturday August 20 the Bobcaygeon Ride begins at the Sound Academy and participants will bike the 200 km to a campsite in Bobcaygeon. On Saturday night, fans will watch the final Hip concert broadcast on the streets of the small town and camp out under the stars. On Sunday, riders will return to the Sound Academy where the tribute band Practically Hip play all your favourite Hip songs. Participants will likely return to Toronto between 7 and 10pm, depending on how quickly people make the ride.

Fans participating in the ride will receive a Bobcaygeon Ride Passport. Along the route are checkpoints stationed 50 km apart where riders will get their passports stamped to register how many kilometres they’ve completed. Only want to ride part of the way? No problem! Any of the checkpoints can be used as a starting or finishing point. For those who don’t want to bike at all, the organizers encourage them to take a road trip with their families to get their passports stamped. Plus, food and refreshments will be available at each checkpoint. The checkpoints are: Toronto, Pickering, Clarington, Lindsay, and Bobcaygeon.

Anyone who wants to participate in the Bobcaygeon Ride can register online for $30. Keep an eye open for the website, hopefully finished soon.

It’s amazing what people come up with to support not only an icon with a terminal condition, but also regular, everyday people who have the same illness. The purpose of the Bobcaygeon ride is not just to show support to Downie, but also raise awareness about the impact of brain cancer.

You’ve still got a few days to get in shape if you want to ride with them!

UPDATE: Unfortunately due to unforeseeable weather conditions this weekend, the organizers have decided to postpone the Bobcaygeon Ride. However, you can still go to the Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada website to donate.

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