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Bono and theDrones

Now don’t panic U2 fans. Bono has not started a solo career!

Here’s something from the publicist at DroneDeploy:

“Recently, music icon and U2 front man Bono joined the Board of Directors at Zipline, a medical drone delivery company. Bono’s interest and involvement in medical drones underscores how drones and drone tech are positively disrupting and impacting an increasingly diverse group of traditional industries, from construction, oil & gas, and mining to business intelligence, solar, real estate, package delivery, and now even medical device delivery.”

Interesting. Not sure it’s rock ‘n roll, the whole medical drone delivery thing, but definitely curious!

Read more about DroneDeploy here.

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One thought on “Bono and theDrones

  • He’s trying to make a difference when politicians won’t. What’s more rock n roll than that?


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