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Bono is worried about the end of the world as we know it.

Bono is most concerned about how the United States (read: Donald Trump) continues to pull at the threads binding the western alliance together. His views on the subject have been distributed through Medium.

I was honored to speak last night at the United Nations at the launch of Ireland’s bid for one of the temporary seats on the UN Security Council. The UN has never been more important and I spoke about the threats we are seeing today to critical multilateral institutions like the UN, the EU, NATO — and what they’ve achieved, including the Paris Climate Accord. These are perilous times — not just for these institutions, but for the shared values and shared rule of law they represent.

Iknow it’s unusual having a rock star hanging out at the UN Plaza but I’ll tell you what’s really unusual: having a load of ambassadors jumping up and down shouting their heads off at a rock and roll show. That is unusual, very unusual, and that’s what we had last night. At least you were not shouting at each other; I thought that was good.

It is an honor for this troubadour to be in such esteemed company.

I couldn’t be prouder to share the stage with this Taoiseach and this Tánaiste, who are, infuriatingly, younger than me — younger than the rock singer, and smarter! I also have to say that I’m excited to be on a stage with the real rock star around here, Mary Robinson. She is not just a star of our little nation; she is a star of the United Nations. When she’s in the room you can feel her love for the place. Because it’s real, she feels it. She believes in the United Nations.

And so do I. I love this building. I love the architecture. I love that it exists. And I’ll tell you: I don’t take for granted that it exists. Or that it will continue to exist.

Because let’s be honest, we live at a time when institutions as vital to human progress as the United Nations are under attack. The European Union is threatened. The G7 is being threatened. NATO is being threatened. The WTO is being threatened. I mean, what’s left?

And not just these institutions, but what they stand for — an international order based on shared values and shared rules — an international order that is facing the greatest test in its 70-year history. Not just these institutions, but what they’ve achieved is at risk — Paris! Fuck! What is that…

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