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BreakOut West Announces 2017 Western Canadian Music Award Nominees

Canada’s a pretty big country, and getting music across the provinces – like, from one physical location to the other – can be quite a challenge. It’s not uncommon for artists to stay localized as they grow, and thankfully the Canadian music industry often focuses on developing regional talent. The Western Canadian Music Awards are a prime example: championing the successes of groups from the best coast, their 2017 Award nominees were just announced. Names you might recognize amongst the nominees include The Pack A.D., Dan Mangan, The Zolas, and many more.

BreakOut West and the Western Canadian Music Awards were created by the Western Canada Music Alliance, a collaboration between provincial music authorities. Think of the annual awards as a mini JUNOs, but for Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, British Columbia, the Northwest Territories, and Yukon Territory. This year’s awards festival, in its 15th year, will be held from September 13-17 in Edmonton, AB. The festival also includes an industry conference, aimed at developing the spread of music through – and from – western Canada. You can check out the Western Canadian Music Award nominees below, or visit the website for more information.

2017 Western Canadian Music Awards Nominees:

Blues Artist of the Year

  • Big Dave McLean (MB)
  • Harpdog Brown (BC)
  • James Buddy Rogers (BC)
    Kenny ‘Blues Boss” Wayne (BC)
  • Ryan McNally (YT)
  • Steve Kozak Band (BC)
BreakOut Artist of the Year, presented by CKUA Radio Network
  • Andy Shauf (SK)
  • Begonia (MB)
  • Dan Davidson (AB)
  • The Harpoonist & The Axe Murderer (BC)
  • William Prince (MB)
Children’s Artist of the Year
  • Ginalina (BC)
  • Madame Diva et Micah le Jeune Voyageur (MB)
  • Stella Swanson and the Rosie Joyfuls (BC)
  • The Oot n’ Oots (BC)
  • Will Stroet (BC)
Classical Artist/Ensemble of the Year, presented by Canadian Music Centre
  • Alan Rinehart (BC)
  • Daniel Janke (YT)
  • duo corvi (BC)
  • Standing Wave (BC)
  • Vancouver Intercultural Orchestra & Laudate Singers (BC)
Classical Composition of the Year
  • “Magnetic North” – Carmen Braden (NT)
  • “Pots ‘n Pans Falling” – Edward Top (BC)
  • “Immersion” – Jordan Nobles (BC)
  • “Raven Tales” – Marcus Goddard (BC)
  • “Choir Practice, A Comic Opera in One Act” – Stephen Chatman (BC)
Country Artist of the Year, presented by Dauphin’s Countryfest
  • Aaron Pritchett (BC)
  • Dan Davidson (AB)
  • Doc Walker (MB)
  • Madeline Merlo (BC)
  • The Washboard Union (BC)
Electronic/Dance Artist of the Year
  • DiRTY RADiO (BC)
  • Esette (AB)
  • I M U R (BC)
  • iskwé (BC)
  • Kytami (BC)
Francophone Artist of the Year
  • Alpha Toshineza (MB)
  • Ariane Mahrÿke Lemire (AB)
  • Kelly Bado (MB)
  • Ponteix (SK)
  • Shawn Jobin (SK)
Indigenous Artist of the Year, presented by Aboriginal Peoples Television Network (APTN)
  • Blue Moon Marquee (AB)
  • Cindy Paul (AB)
  • Indian City (MB)
  • Jade Turner (MB)
  • Jay Gilday (AB)
Instrumental Artist of the Year
  • Adam Dobres (BC)
  • Five Alarm Funk (BC)
  • Fond of Tigers (AB)
  • Kent Sangster’s Obsessions Octet (AB)
  • The Fretless (BC)
Jazz Artist of the Year
  • Al Muirhead (AB)
  • Michael Kaeshammer (BC)
  • Quatuor André Lachance (BC)
  • Quinn Bachand’s Brishen (BC)
  • Steve Kirby’s Oceanic Jazz Orchestra (MB)
Metal/Hard Music Artist of the Year
  • All Else Fails (AB)
  • Black Thunder (SK)
  • Soul Mates (SK)
  • Striker (AB)
  • Untimely Demise (SK)
Pop Artist of the Year
  • Andy Shauf (SK)
  • Dear Rouge (BC)
  • Jocelyn Alice (AB)
  • Ruth B (AB)
  • The Zolas (BC)
Producer of the Year, presented by Nimbus School of Recording & Media
  • Andy Shauf – Andy Shauf ‘The Party’ (SK)
  • Clayton Bellamy – The Dungarees (AB)
  • Jesse Gander – The Pack AD ‘Positive Thinking’ (BC)
  • Jesse Zubot – Tanya Tagaq/Fond of Tigers (BC)
  • Russell Broom – Rebecca Lappa/David Bradford/JP Maurice/The Static Shift (AB
Rap/Hip Hop Artist of the Year
  • 3PEAT (MB)
  • Factor Chandelier (SK)
  • Merkules (BC)
  • Snak The Ripper (BC)
  • The Lytics (MB)
Recording of the Year
  • Andy Shauf – The Party (SK)
  • Big Little Lions – Just Keep Moving (BC)
  • Dear Rouge – Black to Gold (BC)
  • Scenic Route to Alaska – Long Walk Home (AB)
  • The Zolas – Swooner (BC)
Rock Artist of the Year, presented by Radio Starmaker Fund
  • Dan Mangan (BC)
  • Mobina Galore (MB)
  • Scenic Route to Alaska (AB)
  • The Matinée (BC)
  • The Pack AD (BC)
Roots Duo/Group of the Year
  • 100 Mile House (AB)
  • Big Little Lions (BC)
  • Kacy & Clayton (SK)
  • Karrnnel Sawitsky & Daniel Koulack (SK/MB)
  • The Bills (BC)
Roots Solo Artist of the Year
  • Corb Lund (AB)
  • Jen Lane (SK)
  • Joe Nolan (AB)
  • Maria Dunn (AB)
  • Sarah Jane Scouten (BC)
Songwriter(s) of the Year, presented by The Society of Composers, Authors, and Music Publishers
  • Andy Shauf – “The Magician” (SK)
  • Corb Lund – “Washed-Up Rock Start Factory Blues” (AB)
  • Sam Tudor – “Joseph In The Bathroom” (BC)
  • The Zolas – “Swooner” (BC)
  • Alexa Dirks (Begonia) & Matt Schellenberg – “Juniper” (MB)
Spiritual Artist of the Year
  • Heritage Hill (BC)
  • Jaylene Johnson (MB)
  • Jon Bauer (AB)
  • Steve Bell (MB)
  • Warren Dean Flandez (BC)
Urban Artist of the Year
  • Damian La Grange (AB)
  • DANI (BC)
  • DGS Samurai Champs (SK)
  • Nuela Charles (AB)
  • Sophia Danai (BC)
Video Director of the Year
  • Alek Rzeszowski – Yes We Mystic “No Harm” (MB)
  • Anthony Creech – Andino Suns “Aire Libre” (SK)
  • Brandon Fletcher – Nuela Charles “Crumbling Down” (BC)
  • Dylan Roberts – King Dylan “Untouchable” (AB)
  • Zach Wilson – The Dead South “In Hell I’ll Be In Good Company” (SK)
Visual Media Composer of the Year, presented by Green Sky Labs Inc.
  • Factor Eight – “The Lion” (SK)
  • James Murdoch – “Fishcamp Soundtrack” (AB)
  • Jared Robinson – “Music is a Part of All Our Lives” (SK)
  • Matthew Schellenberg – “Lovesick” (MB)
  • Mitch Dorge – “The Advocate” (MB)
World Artist of the Year
  • Andino Suns (SK)
  • Casimiro Nhussi (MB)
  • Jocelyn Petit (BC)
  • Kelly Bado (MB)
  • Papa Mambo (MB)
Audio Engineering Award
  • Russell Broom – JP Maurice, Amy Metcalfe, Chixdiggit (AB)
  • Ryan Worsley – Said The Whale, Courage My Love, Derrival, Dear Rouge (BC)
  • Sheldon Zaharko – Plans & Disguises, Head, Ajaye Jardine (BC)
  • Spencer Cheyne – Jocelyn Alice, Ruben Young, Hello Moth, Al Muirhead (AB)
  • Steve Bays – The Zolas, We Are The City, Leeroy Stagger, Hot Hot Heat (BC)
Community Excellence Award
  • Fire Aid Organizing Committee – Fort McMurray Benefit Concert (BC)
  • Sunshine House (MB)
  • The Dungarees (AB)
  • The Exchange (SK)
  • West End Cultural Centre (MB)
  • Winnipeg Folk Festival (MB)
Excellence in Visual Design
  • Adin Wridgway – tune silo records (BC)
  • Bronwin Parks – Feisty Creative (BC)
  • Jared Robinson – Nebulus Entertainment (SK)
  • Matt Schuurman (AB)
  • Renée Mak (BC)
Impact in Artist Development
  • BOP Management & Consulting (AB)
  • Paquin Artist Agency (MB)
  • Prairie Mix (MB)
  • Sakamoto Agency (AB)
  • Tonic Records (BC)
Impact in Live Music
  • Festival du Voyageur (MB)
  • Rawk Entertainment Group Inc. (SK)
  • West End Cultural Centre (MB)
  • UP & Downtown Music Festival (AB)
  • Winnipeg Folk Festival (MB)
Impact in Music Marketing
  • Eric Burke – Le 100 NONS (MB)
  • Kevin Mozdzen – The Park Theatre (MB)
  • Live Nation Canada (BC)
  • Pipe & Hat Music Group (MB)
  • Susan Busse – Susan Busse PR (SK)

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