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Brian Epstein Gets A Statue

Brian Epstein

Funny how the man who brought the world The Beatles has so little dedicated to him in Liverpool. Some people would like to change that.

There is the Epstein Theatre but campaigners argue more is needed to celebrate the man who took The Beatles from local heroes to global superstars changing pop music forever.

“There is nothing really in Liverpool, apart from the theatre which is just a name really, to mark Brian Epstein not even a blue plaque,” said Bob Pitt, founder of Statue4Eppy.

Hence the idea of a statue in the city alongside The Beatles own John Lennon, comedy legend Ken Dodd and “Battling” Bessie Braddock, who served as a Labour MP for the city from 1945 to 1969.

Billy Kinsley, lead singer of 60s band The Merseybeats, explained why he is backing the project.

“Without Brian there would have been no Beatles and without The Beatles we would just be known as a seaport,” he said.

They are trying to raise funds for it. Read the whole story here.

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