Brilliant Deleted Scene from High Fidelity

If you read Nick Hornby’s High Fidelity, you’ll remember the bit where Rob goes to visit a woman who’s selling her husband’s records.  What he finds is…amazing.

I was most disappointed that the film version starring John Cusack omitted this particular episode.  Turns out it was shot but cut.  See?

I would have bought ’em…

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6 thoughts on “Brilliant Deleted Scene from High Fidelity

  • Ditto to buying them, no guilt whatsoever. Too bad this scene didn’t make the cut.

  • I loved this scene from the book! I remember Googling all records that he drooled over while sorting through the collection. Was very disappointed it didn’t make the cut.

  • I’d forgotten all about this! I’ve watched the film too many times. I would have bought them for $50, no problem.

  • This and a couple other scenes are bonus footage on the DVD version.

  • Great scene. I could understand his conflict… to a point. I didn’t realize singles were worth so much, though.. Even with no cover art or anything, they are that sought after? I’m a bit young for that first vinyl era though I guess (born in the 80’s).

    Anyway, more importantly – can anyone name all of the ‘top 5’ albums above the collection? I know 3, but I guess Pet Sounds is a gimme. The other two I know are the Chocolate Watchband – No Way Out, and the 13th Floor Elevators, who are featured on the soundtrack. Anyone care to take a crack?

    • I cheated and used Google Image Search. I won’t write them in here in case someone wants to take a crack at it, but click here for the spoilers:


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