Bring Me the FInger of Jerry Garcia!

You may have heard about the insane prices people are asking for tickets. Scalpers start at $15,000 and go up from there. So what’s a hardcore Deadhead to do? Well, you could sell Jerry Garcia’s finger, if you have such a thing.

This guy in Indianapolis does. Allegedly. This appeared on Craigslist with a pricetag of $5,000.



Before you get too excited, it’s a fake–but it does have hint of authenticity about it. Garcia did lose two-thirds of his right middle finger when he was still a four year-old boy in a wood-chopping accident (he was holding a log steady for his older brother with bad aim). As far as anyone knows, though, that finger bit has long since disappeared.  And does that look like the finger of a four year-old? Good try, dude.

And thanks to Michael for reminding me that this is an excuse to play this song from Soundgarden.

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