September 25, 2023

Alan Cross

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6 thoughts on “Bruce Springsteen has a few final words for Donald Trump

  • I no longer listen to musicians who preach politics. I don’t want their narrow-minded views imposed upon my enjoyment of their music, because I don’t view them as worthy of the importance that the media gives them. Remember, Bruce. This country is split 50/50 politically, so if you think your self-importance is so paramount that you’re willing to alienate half of your domestic fans, we’ll, then you’re more out of touch than I thought possible. Elitism from the former champion of the little guy, the blue-collar worker. Plus, your latest album is boring and derivative from everything you’ve done in the past 15 years. Lose the fake Southern twang- you’re a northerner through and through.

    • It’s called taking a stand for what you believe in. It is just as much his right to view his opinions as everyone else. If you don’t agree, move on. Because you don’t agree, doesn’t mean he’s an elitist and out of touch. And in case you didn’t notice, this country is split 51/47 politically, or at least Biden/Trump.

    • it is really simple…one either loves or not. One either serves or one is self serving…choose one or the other and that will define the person.

  • Every human who has morals, a soul, a heart, eyes, ears, a brain, children , pets, empathy, kindness, loyalty, honesty knows where Bruce and his fellow musicians come from. They are the uplifting forces we lean on in times like these. When one anti-human can attain the trust of so many to wreak havoc on so many and cause the deaths of so many without blinking an eye and all from behind his tattered veil of illusion now coming down fast all around him. The breath of fresh air we humans have been waiting for is finally taken!!! Thank You Bruce Springsteen and all your fellow musicians, etc. We could not have a better group of humans to appreciate.

  • When Bruce first mentioned this “presidential pet fact” on his satellite radio show, I looked up US presidential pets on Wikipedia… my surprise, someone at the time had added “Toopey” as Trump’s pet…….LOL…..its no longer mentioned on Wiki……

  • President Trump you’re the biggest looser and worst President ever. May the government treat you, the way you treat Americans.Trump ” You’re Fired”


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