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Bruce Springsteen: The Album Collection Vol.2 1987 – 1996

He recounts himself perfectly, “I was born right here on Randolph Street in Freehold. Here right behind the big red maple in Freehold.” Plain and simple, he’s just regular blue collard Jersey Boy with a knack for reaching top 5 in the Billboard 200 and selling certified gold, platinum and multiplatinum albums. No big deal, right?

“I was invisible in school. I wasn’t even the class clown. I had nowhere near that notoriety.” Would you even believe those words came out of the mouth of someone who’s famous nickname is “the boss”? In 1964 Bruce Springsteen became a Cinderella story like no other, when he up and purchased his first guitar for $18, rolled up his t-shirt sleeves, and sat down to write some solid tunes. And now, a collection of those tunes are being released as a limited-edition, numbered boxed set, including long out of print LPs, that are now remastered and pressed on vinyl for the very first time. Collectors beware, this one’s a doozie.

On May 18th, ‘Bruce Springsteen: The Album Collection Vol. 2, 1987-1996,’ will be released by Columbia Records/Legacy Recordings, following the 2014 release of Bruce Springsteen: The Album Collection Vol. 1, 1973-1984. This round, the collection consists of all the material recorded by Springsteen for Columbia during that era, 4 studio albums, all of which come in replications of their original packaging, a double-LP live album, two EP’s, and a 60 page photo book, chock-full of memorabilia and press clippings. Taken from their original analogue masters, the albums were pressed for the first time using the Plangent Process playback system.

Springsteen claims that his songwriting process always consisted of writing down his first thoughts, and then using them as somewhat of blueprint “to see if you have something that can be worked on.” Well Bossman, hard work and blueprints clearly pays off, considering not even half of your life’s work is currently available for pre order for $220.50.

The albums include:

‘Tunnel of Love’ (1987)* (2 LP)
‘Human Touch’ (1992)* (2 LP)
‘Lucky Town’ (1992) (1 LP)
‘In Concert / MTV Plugged’ (1993) (2 LP)
‘The Ghost of Tom Joad’ (1995)  (1 LP)

12” EPs included:
‘Chimes of Freedom’ (1988) (1 EP)
‘Blood Brothers’ (1996) (1 EP)

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