Bundyfest! Wait, What?

Cliven Bundy

Cliven Bundy (no relation to Ted or Al as far as I can tell) is a Nevada cattle farmer who has been illegally using federal land to graze his cattle. He has been fined over and over and refuses to pay.  The government is looking to take his cows.

Well now it seems a militia has showed up to help Cliven from having his cattle confiscated by that dastardly and unimportant group called THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT!

Or, you could wait until the armed confrontations reach a fever pitch and head on down to BundyFest! — a probably not real but totally hilarious concept festival and Burning Man follow-up to launch September 5 on the federal land Bundy insists is free for all to use, via patriotism and his friends’ guns. The theoretical event is being masterminded by progressive author/activist Sean Shealy, who proposes a month-long, 24-hours-a-day pro-nudity, music-filled, gay-friendly bacchanal.
Of the many hilarious highlights within the man’s pitch, the “penis erection contest,” which involved building towering phalluses directly across from the stubborn rancher’s actual property, may be the best. Read the entire thing below, and visit Facebook for a special video from Shealy.

You can read more on the fun here.

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