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Burlington Sound Of Music Festival Update

Saturday June 9th 2018, I am free, no plans, nada. I know this because, as soon as I heard who was headlining the Burlington Sound of Music Festival Kick Off concert, I quickly scanned my calendar app, to make sure no one I knew was inconveniently getting married that day, popping out a kid, moving, etc. SAFE!

Sublime With Rome has announced their attendance to the Kick Ass concert…I mean Kick Off concert, along with Simple Plan and Eve 6. Do you know what that means? It means, you might want to hustle on grabbing some tickets, cause as great as a lineup as that is… there’s still more to come, and that’s ONLY for the Kick Off concert! A big announcement is still on its way early April, as to who’s gracing the stage Sunday June 10th, and the one clue we’ve been given is “country.” Also, April 25th the free Father’s Day weekend concert lineup for June 14 – 17 will finally be revealed, so stay tuned for more details.

“We are excited about the addition of these big bands and the amazing Kick Off weekend we are planning for you! The success of previous Kick Off concerts is an indication that our fans keep coming for the great music.” says Dave Miller, Executive Director.

Tickets for Saturday are $65, tickets for Sunday are $55 and the 2 Day Pass is $110. Prices will be going up. For more information please visit The festival is also on the hunt for some happy helpers, make sure to check if you are interested in applying as a volunteer.

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