Busted! Canadian Parliament Filled with Media Pirates

If you haven’t checked YouHaveDownloaded, a site that knows what you’ve been torrenting, you should. Yes, it keeps track of your, uh, habits but it can also be a useful tool when it comes to finding out what other peopel have been up to.

Case in point:  the Pirate Party of Canada’s investigation into copyright infringement originating from the House of Commons.  They pumped out a press release:

“It’s pretty funny, given that this very same group of people is working on harsher copyright law with Bill C-11, ” says former Pirate Party Candidate for Vancouver Centre Travis McCrea, “It just highlights how absurd and unenforceable this copyright monopoly is. Just as in the Hurt Locker lawsuit, we can tell where the files were downloaded but it is impossible to tell which individual is responsible.”

Well, what’s been torrented?  Movies, music, software, games–you name it.

But hold on.  As the Pirate Party points out

..that this does not necessarily mean that your MP is downloading video games. The list is demonstrates how easy it could be to be accused of downloading content even if you are innocent. We at the Pirate Party believe that the war on copyright infringement is not a winnable battle. In order for the internet to be free of copyright infringement, we must give up our right to privacy. It’s not worth the trade-off.

It’s a strange world, innit?


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2 thoughts on “Busted! Canadian Parliament Filled with Media Pirates

  • Hi, I have no records of you.

    I'm a ghost. And it just further proves that MoPs are idiots.

  • That's a scary website. Showed a few thing over past couple months. I download but I buy a lot of music (vinyl) if all records came with a download code I would download a lot less "illegally". I need a digital copy for my phone. If they expect me to buy the LP and then go to iTunes for digital copy they are wrong.I try and buy all the music I really like.


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