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Published on December 24th, 2018 | by Amber Healy


Can a boyband save the full European Union?

Meet the Breunion Boys, a band concocted by an animation artist – featuring real human people – whose single is a kind of torch song asking Britain and the European Union to make up and stay together.

Julia Veldma spent $13,000 of her own money to scout the right members of the band, wanting them to reflect the EU. She wanted the band, also, to be reminiscent of the boy and girl bands of the 1990s (think Take That, the Spice Girls, etc.) and, most importantly, to help those in power reconsider their breakup.

The lyrics are everything you’d expect:

“I cannot believe this is the end/ I still feel your love
inside me. I still sing your words. I make a wish as your star falls. Oh, your
voice paints my heart, your mirage fades away. Your choice turns my spine grey…
Britain come back to us, it’s not too late to turn around. Britain you’re
great, but together we’re greater.”

Again, this is a REAL band.

“I cried, I really cried my heart out” when the Brexit vote happened, Veldma said. “It was so unexpected and overwhelming and it made me feel powerless.”

Joshua Alagbe, one of the band members, said the song is an emotional response to an emotional decision – logic and reason didn’t play into the Brexit vote, so why not use an emotional appeal in the hopes of getting the parties involved to reconsider and reconcile.

Veldman says she wants to tour the group but no dates have been scheduled just yet.

Response so far has been… Um, not encouraging.

If you’re wondering, here are the Breunion Boys:

Seyed, from Afghanistian, is studying to be surgeon. “To me
the EU means living in freedom, freedom to express yourself, to become the best
version of yourself.”

Hajo, from Amsterdam, is in medical school and hopes to live
in London. “Because of his sisters he learned to appreciate British rom coms. ‘In
a way, they films taught me how to be a man,’” he said.

Giles, from Italy, very plainly says of Brexit: “I just
think it was a mistake.”

Joshua says Brexit is a tragedy and “nobody will benefit
from this, neither us nor Great Britain.”

Finally, Pablo, from Amsterdam, says the EU “has given me the thing that defines me: My love for dancing. It’s what makes me happy.”

We’ll have to wait and see whether the Breunion Boys were successful in their efforts.

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