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Can You Define “Classic Rock?” This Documentary Gives It a Good Shot.

When it comes to classic rock, you could ask a cross-section of fans and get a pile of different answers. Is it 50’s Elvis? Is it 60’s Beatles, Stones and CCR? Is it 70’s prog and glam rock? All of the above? None of it?

TORONTO filmmaker and lifelong hard rocker Daniel Sarkissian brings fellow music fans with him on a mission to define ‘What is Classic Rock?’ in his new documentary of the same name— out across Canada and the U.S. this December 5th.

“Can we classify it? Should we?” These are just some the questions and complexities Sarkissian kicks around with the genre and era’s most legendary voices, from KISS, Grand Funk Railroad, The Guess Who, Twisted Sister, Triumph, Guns N’ Roses, and many more.

There’s an advance screening of the film in Toronto on Friday, October 6, 2017 at TIFF Lightbox Cinema 1. You can get tickets here.

Here’s the trailer:

Feel free to weigh in on this from your perspective in the comments. Read more here.

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One thought on “Can You Define “Classic Rock?” This Documentary Gives It a Good Shot.

  • ’twas always a bullshit notion made up by radio suits – rock 68ish (post White album Beatles) to (and not including) Punk. Easy peasy. Lately it’s moved to include early 80s stuff embrace the 40 yr olds that have become as bad as boomers.


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