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Published on April 19th, 2017 | by Alan Cross


Can You Name the Four Guys Who Sang for Van Halen? (Yes, I Said FOUR.)

If you’re looking for a great bar bet, pose this question: How many Van Halen leader singers can you name?

The people around the table will smirk. “Dude, this is so easy! First, it was David Lee Roth. Easy-peasy. When he and Eddie started fighting, Sammy Hagar was drafted in. Again, piece of cake. And when that relationship ran its course, Gary Cherone (ex-Extreme) joined up long enough to become a punchline. Pay up!”

“Well,” you say, “you missed one.”

“What? Lee-Hager-Cherone! That’s all there was!”

“Nope. You forgot. Mitch Malloy.”


That’s when you smile, drop the mic and collect your winnings.

Van Halen approached Mitch in the gap between Hagar and Cherone. He even wrote a song with the band, something that went unreleased.

As part of the audition process, Mitch performed some Van Halen songs from both the DLR era…

…and the Van Hagar years.

There’s a mini-doc on Mitch’s time with VH…

…and he has a new solo single called “My Therapy.”


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8 Responses to Can You Name the Four Guys Who Sang for Van Halen? (Yes, I Said FOUR.)

  1. Yaz says:

    “My Therapy” opening riff sounds exactly like “Man on a Silver Mountain” by Rainbow.

  2. Jason Walker says:

    This article is invalid. For such a “know it all” article, how could you not know that Eddie Van Halen himself sang a song on van halen 3. Just wow. . .

  3. Walker says:

    5 singers. Don’t forget EVH sang a song on Van Halen 3 and before Roth joined.

  4. Jb says:

    Well I’m that case there are 5 singers!!!! Because Edward sung “How many say I” on the Van Halen 3 Album

  5. Allison says:

    Micheal Anthony also sings for Van Halen


  6. Robert Byrnes says:

    Name the first VH song with keyboards on it….. no,it was not Jump….

  7. Jody P says:

    Love Mitch Malloy as a singer and a great guy. Thanks for this.

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