Can We Predict What Will Happen in the Game of Thrones Finale by Examining the Seven 7 Soundtrack?

Let’s be honest: the penultimate episode of season 7 of Game of Thrones had too many inconsistencies and timeline issues.

Why didn’t Jon Snow and Co. take a raven with them on their trip north of The Wall? Rather than let buddy freeze to death while everyone was stranded on that rock, why didn’t dude use his flaming sword to keep everyone warm? How did Gendry make it to The Wall so quickly when it took Jon’s posse hours to get to where they managed to f*ck things up royally? And how did Dany manage to respond with a dragon so fast? How fast does a f*cking raven fly, anyway.

If you want to go down these rat holes, go here. But if you want some clues as to what might happen in the finale, stay with me. And before you ask, there are no leaked spoilers in the coming paragraphs. This is straight fan-driven clue spelunking using musical clues found throughout season seven.

This is from Vanity Fair:

The full collection of [series composer Ramin] Djawadi’s Season 7 music includes tracks from Sunday’s super-sized finale, which gives fans one last shot at speculating what’s to come. You don’t need a degree in music to decipher these clues, but, in some cases, it might help.

We’ll get to some of the more nuanced clues Djawadi seeded into the music early in the season in a bit, but first, let’s briefly look at a few song titles from the finale that sound very intriguing. The tracks on the album are usually listed in order of when the tunes premiered in the season, so let’s take this chronologically.

To start: an ominous, booming song, track no. 21, called “No One Walks Away from Me.” The tracks are often named for pieces of actual dialogue, and you don’t need to be spoiled to know that there’s really only one person on the show who might say this—and likely only one person she would care enough to say it to. The snatches of “The Light of the Seven”—the show-stopping track that played during the Sept explosion last season—laced throughout the end of “No One Walks Away from Me” also provide a clue.

Carry on here.



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