Can your driving music impact your love life? Probably.

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Would you? Could you? In a car?
I would not, could not, crank a country star!

Dr. Seuss said nothing of the sort but some people feel that way, 24% to be exact! According to Circuits study on driving and dating deal breakers, 24% of people voted that playing country music while driving was a sure sign that they were pulling up to Splitzville, while 28% of people felt Gospel music in the car was the red flag that read “road ends.” If David Puddys car presets on Seinfeld taught us anything, it’s that gospel may not be just a small ‘quirk’ to your date!

“I can drive for miles listening to anything my passengers want to listen to or whatever they’d like to discuss. I don’t really care what the noise levels are as I drive.” Said NO DRIVER EVER!


Out of the 1,555 individuals Circuit surveyed on how driving and dating impact one another, the biggest turn off was drivers under the influence, 74% of people didn’t even make it to the music portion of the survey because a date with a driver under the influence was a hard pass.

Some peace of mind for those reading . Good to know sobriety levels matter, huh?

They say travelling with someone in any context is a good way to distinguish compatibility… a quick car ride around the block may be the most cost effective way to figure out if ‘Tinderella’ is “the one” to join you in Mexico for your sister’s wedding, especially if hiphHop is your deal breaker.

Hip Hop or rap were 21% of peoples reason to end things with their date, as both genres were considered ‘deal breakers!’ Imagine finding that out on the plane!? Would Catherine O’Haras’ “Kevin!” seem like an under-reaction compared to the dude who despises hip hop and just set sale with its biggest fan?

Some 28% of women admitted Metal (either heavy or light) was cringe inducing enough to pump the breaks on the impression of any future dates.

Another huge turnoff? 73% of people said road rage and texting while driving were done deals but when it comes to crappy driving overall, the males seem to be a little more lenient as 83% of women surveyed more likely to ditch bad drivers entirely, better to be safe than be road kill, we get it. The only part that was difficult to grasp was that 43% of people swore Toyota drivers made the best romantic partners. So many questions.

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