Canadian Dude Sings, Plays Guitar and Surfs AT THE SAME TIME

Chris Hau is a Canadian singer, songwriter and surfer.  Does Eddie Vedder and Jack Johnson know about this guy yet?

And there’s more coming.  Next week, he’ll release a video of him parasailing.  The week after that, it’ll be rapping and surfing.  Here’s the full press release:


Singer and guitarist Chris Hau recently filmed a series of videos of himself singing,
playing guitar, and SURFING at the same time. This triple threat performance will be
released on August 1st.
Chris is a multitalented individual. He’s a surfer, musician, and producer of both his
music and video content. As a recent graduate from Ryerson University’s RTA School of
Media, Chris has been taught how to promote himself in unconventional ways, in order to
differentiate himself. Chris calls it being, “The Purple Cow”.
For the last six years, Chris has been on the forefront of the emerging sport of
wakesurfing. He started surfing at the age of 15, which is also around the time he first
picked up a guitar. Chris is now a three-time Ontario wakesurfing champion.
When Chris wasn’t out on the water, he was exercising his creative mind through music. Soon
after he started playing guitar, Chris took his music one step further and began recording
and mixing his own songs. Now, with a decked out recording studio in his basement, the
sky is the limit for Chris Hau.
It was a natural move for Chris to then showcase his talent through video. Supporting
himself as a videographer for the last two years has equipped him with the ability to
produce his own video content to his own specifications. The producing knowledge that
Chris has gained now enables him total control of his career.
The three videos are roughly three to four minutes long. The first features a collaboration
of Hau’s lyrics and Otis Redding’s, “Sitting On the Dock of the Bay”. The second video
features Chris PARASAILING and playing his original song “In Your Hands” live. The
third and final video is a mash up of, “Wonderwall,” by Oasis, “Gypsy MC,” by Jason
Mraz, “You Need Me,” by Ed Sheeran, and “Thrift Shop,” by Macklemore and Ryan
Lewis. The video was shot at little to no cost as Chris welcomed the support of his family
and friends.
An idea, that Chris has waited a year to come to fruition, is finally a reality. The audio is
LIVE, the surfing and parasailing is LIVE, and the talent you see is REAL. Check out
these captivating performances of a genuine Canadian talent surfing, playing guitar, and
singing at the same time. The videos are being released in support of Chris’s Indiegogo
campaing to raise money for his New upcoming E.P.
Release Date for the First Video (Singing and Surfing): August 1
Second Video (Parasailing): August 8
Third Video (Rapping and Surfing): August 15
Join Chris’s fans, friends and family at the Supermarket on August 29th to celebrate the


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