Canadian Internet Speed: Not Even in the Top Ten

When I was in South Korea a couple of years back, I was gobsmacked by the Internet speeds I was getting. And as a frequent visitor to Singapore, I know that my data is going to move plus vite. So why are average Canadian Internet connections so goddam slow? When it comes to countries around the world, we’re not even in the Top 10. If you want to check your upload and download speeds for free, here’s the site I use.

Infographic: The Countries with the Fastest Internet | Statista You will find more statistics at Statista

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One thought on “Canadian Internet Speed: Not Even in the Top Ten

  • Generally speaking, developed countries are often behind in this type of technology. The reason is that we have been developed for a while. To upgrade our infrastructure requires a huge capital investment to replace the huge capital investment our telcos and cable companies already have in the pipe that carries our data. Developing countries are investing in cutting edge technology because it is the first time they are making the investment. Add to that the huge piece of land that they need to spread that investment over (compared to say Sweden – Canada is 10M Square KM’s, Sweden is 450K – even if half our land mass is below the territories, that is still 10X Sweden…South Korea 100K Sq KM’s and Hong Kong a mere 1,000) and it is pretty clear. Old tech that is expensive to replace across a huge mass of land.


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