Canadian Music Week: Friday’s Suggestions and Curiosities

Here we go: Canadian Music Week is well underway! The expansive festival can be found all over Toronto’s clubs and venues for the remainder of the week and there’s plenty to see, so don’t be afraid to get out there and explore. But if you don’t have the time or cash to hit up everything on the schedule, or simply want a couple of recommendations prior to venturing on your own, then look no further! Here’s what we think may be good, or at least looks neat, for Friday the 21st.

1. iHeartRADIO Fest

Where? Rebel (formerly Sound Academy)

When? Doors 6:30 PM

How Much? $33

This one really is a doozie – just check out the lineup. Big Sean, Mia Martina, The Strumbellas, Magic!, Alyssa Reid, Scott Helman, Michelle Treacy, James Arthur, and Massari. Surely you recognize some of those heavyweight names! But if you don’t, let’s do a quick recap. You might have heard of Big Sean’s international hits, like the club favourite I Don’t Fuck With You. There’s also Magic!, the quietly Canadian band that had the debut phenomenon Rude a few years ago that has since been viewed over a billion times on Youtube. And how about The Strumbellas, with JUNO-winning single Spirits? Yeah, maybe there are a couple of names here worth seeing after all.

2. The Dandy Warhols

Where? Lee’s Palace

When? 12:12 AM, doors 8 PM

How Much? $25

Were you singing about vegan restaurants before vegan restaurants were cool? Or did you just happen to see a certain Vodafone commercial? Doesn’t matter, because The Dandy Warhols will be in town for the Dine Alone Showcase one way or another. But if you did answer yes to either of those questions, or just happened to be an alt rock fan anytime through the late 90s or early 00s, then you probably don’t mind seeing them around. Of course, if you’re just into British phone jingles, Dine Alone Records will still be sure to welcome you.

3. Wolf Parade

Where? Great Hall

When? 11 PM, doors 8 PM

How Much? $30

The most excited I’ve ever seen a music fan was when her idol Dan Boeckner announced Wolf Parade was getting back together. She’d already fully bought into his new project Operators, but the original indie collective clearly held a special place in her heart. Wolf Parade has been back from their hiatus for over a year now, but the time off hasn’t slowed them down at all – their 2016 self-titled EP was a return to form, with hopefully much more to come! But on the very real chance that the band retreats again, be sure to catch Wolf Parade at CMW while you can.

4. Greys

Where? Garrison

When? 1 AM, doors 8 PM

How Much? $20

Greys are from Toronto and they’re loud. Very loud. I usually listen to some pretty ear-straining music myself, but seeing Greys live in Halifax late last year taught me the true meaning of blowing out an eardrum (not actually though, don’t worry). If this is the kind of rock you like then Greys are not a group to sleep on, and their live set is a true testament to what they’re capable of. One of my most memorable music moments of 2016 was watching the members of Greys throw down their instruments one by one until only the drummer was thrashing alone to finish the set, and I hope you get a chance to see it too. If your ears can handle it.

5. Women in Music Canada

Where? Longboat Hall

When? Doors 7 PM

How Much? $10

I always appreciate advocacy for greater representation in music, and this CMW showcase is no exception. Focusing on experimental, atmospheric, and electronic pop and house, the Women in Music show is all about highlighting and empowering the female artists behind the tunes. You can get more familiar with the acts on the event’s Facebook page, but for only 10 bucks that’s going towards the Women in Music charity how could you really go wrong?  There’s a great mix of local talent too including names like KYLO and hey! dw, so you might just find an artist to continue supporting beyond the festival!

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