Canadians? Pirates? Us? No Way!

Earlier this month, you may have run across my post that told of the US government opinion that Canada is as bad a place for intellectual piracy as India, Ukraine and China.  To the Americans, we’re worse than Indonesia, Russia, Vietnam, Albania, Hong Kong and Turkey, not to mention all of Africa.  

WTF, right?  

This is a giant political piss-take by the US government as it tries to pressure us into doing what they want when it comes to copyright and intellectual property laws and treaties.  

When you look at the real world, do we deserve to be on this hit list?  Of course not.  And here’s why according to copyright expert Michael Geist.


Alan Cross

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One thought on “Canadians? Pirates? Us? No Way!

  • February 25, 2012 at 8:19 pm

    I agree with you, but that isn't going to stop the US or Canadian governments from passing new copyright laws quietly attached to other bills while everyone focuses on the big bills (SOPA, ect). *sigh* God forbid they ever find the 100s of mixed tapes I made by taping the radio pre-Internet. / rant


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