September 23, 2023
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CDs: Still Not Dead.

Okay, so sales have been healthier. But even after an assault by digital sales and continuing rise in the adoption of streaming, CDs are still big sellers. Well, comparatively, anyway.  This comes from

Digital data is easy to lose. If you don’t believe me, Google “lost my iTunes music library.” Yes, sometimes it’s possible for the poor souls who somehow managed to erase thousands of dollars of music from their devices to restore them. Other times, not so much. Either way, the one thing you can be sure of is that it won’t be painless.

A friend — she was the first person to show me how cool the iPod was — got rid of all of her CDs after ripping them. Then some jerk broke into her apartment and stole both the player and the laptop to which she synced it. Just like that, she became a music pauper.

True, if she had downloaded all her songs from iTunes she could have gotten them back. To me, however, the bigger lesson is, I trust myself more than I trust some company. She should’ve held on to the CDs.

A good point, but everyone should be backing up their data–including their music–on a regular basis. There’s no excuse for losing an iTunes library.  Still, there’s something satisfying about having something physical in your hands rather than a digital file or what amounts to renting music through a streaming service.  That also explains much of the vinyl resurrection.

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2 thoughts on “CDs: Still Not Dead.

  • I hope idiots keep shedding their CDs. I’m a record collector and there’s a substantial amount of wonderful music that simply doesn’t exist on vinyl or had limited vinyl pressings over the last 30 years, and that’s were CDs are absolutely essential for a collection.

    Much like the resurgence of vinyl, I fully expect people to feel pangs of regret someday for ditching CDs with their unique packaging options, portability and terrific sound. Until then, I’ll buy their castoffs at the thrift stores.

    • Sounds Good to me.I even find cassettes in still good condition


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