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Change your home with a striking MTV-inspired image

Change your home with a striking MTV-inspired image

Adorning the walls of your home with your favourite MTV artist is a novel way to transform a living space and bring life to a blank wall. Album covers are works of art and pictures of your favourite artists are a great talking point for any guests coming into your home.

Quality is important; a poor reproduction of a print will do your wall no favours, so you need to get the medium it is printed on right.

Canvas really comes into its own when it comes to print reproduction. Clean, bold and versatile, a canvas can be used in a multitude of ways to show your print off to its full potential.

A large canvas print can change a home or working environment. A split canvas print, where an image is divided up into smaller pieces, can make an eye-catching feature for the plainest of walls. A diptrych (two pieces) or a triptych (three pieces) are well suited to panorama pictures which will be a real attention grabber.

Canvas may be durable but it still needs loving care. A faded image of Adele, Oasis or Katy Perry is not going to make the room a focal point so caring for your canvas is very important. Investigating different types of lacquer to make sure your canvas lasts is well worth it so that when your print arrives, your favourite MTV artist is ready to take pride of place on the wall.

Other options

If you prefer a more traditional looking picture, photographic paper could be a good option. Not all photo paper is the same so choose the type you need wisely, depending on the quality and size of the image you want to reproduce. This also gives you an opportunity to look at different frames to suit a room’s surroundings.

Screen printing is a basic but effective alternative which appears to be more crude but brings out that pop-art element which has been popular among musicians and artists throughout the decades. If an Andy Warhol-inspired print is what you are after, screen printing could be the right choice for you.

If it’s intricate detail you want, an engraving might be the way to go. Although it is not a traditional wall hanging, it would certainly add spark to a room and would be hard to ignore.

Finally, let’s not forget the most modern medium of all – digital art. Album covers, pictures of musicians and posters can be manipulated digitally in any way you want to get the desired effect. Using the right filters, tools and colours can enhance a striking image which can then be printed on to any of the mediums mentioned above.

Transferring a digitally enhanced image of your favourite MTV artist on to a canvas could work particularly well, helping to bring out different elements of the room, or perhaps giving a visitor a brief glimpse into the personality of the owner. It is, after all, about personal preference.

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