Check Out Motion Exposure at Lumen Art Festival!

If you’re in the Waterloo area on Saturday September 29 — or are looking for something to do and don’t mind driving out to Waterloo — you can check out the Lumen Art Festival. The free event runs from 6-11pm in the uptown area of the city, allowing people to explore five different zones. 

There are several music-related booths to check out, as well as a stage to see live performances. One booth you definitely won’t want to miss out on, though, is Stephen Orlando’s “Motion Exposure”. Combining equal parts art, light, and technology, a long exposure photo captures the paths of LEDs to tell the story of movement. Visitors can watch others play violin or drums and see the photographic results projected onto screens. Additionally, they will receive a low resolution version of the image as a souvenir. 

The results of Orlando’s photography is spectacular. Check out his website to see some amazing photos. 

To learn more about the Lumen Art Festival, you can check out the city of Waterloo website here.

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