Choir Nation is Bringing Company Choirs to Hospitals this Holiday Season

Halloween might still be a few weeks away, but some people are already thinking about Christmas and other winter holidays. No, I’m not talking about the annoying habit of retail stores putting up their Christmas decorations right next to the Halloween costumes. I’m talking about Choir Nation’s newest initiative, Harmonies for Health.

If you’ve never heard of Choir Nation before, they’re a cool organization that provides a one-of-a-kind team-building experience for companies. From their website:

“Choir Nation is a unique team-building experience for Canadian employees and companies…Choir Nation puts participating employees into 10-25 person choirs, pairs each choir with a celebrated Canadian musician, trains each choir to sing original and cover songs, and then puts on a concert for friends, family, and co-workers. Choir Nation is the first Canadian company to use choir singing as a corporate team-building experience”.

Their new Harmonies for Health campaign gives participants the opportunity to sing in the beautiful acoustics of a hospital atrium or conservatory while also raising money for the hospital. And raising the spirits of the patients, of course!

So far, three hospital foundations have partnered up with Choir Nation for this fantastic initiative: Toronto General & Western Hospital Foundation, McMaster Children’s Hospital, and OneFoundation (the Niagara hospitals).

 “Harmonies for Health is a fun and creative way for companies to support our hospitals” says Jodi Baxter of Toronto General & Western Hospital Foundation. “Staff can feel great about participating; not only are they raising funds for our hospitals, but they are also bringing joy to our patients!”

These three foundations are also quite keen on having companies perform year round so the patients get some live choral music outside of Christmas and Holiday tunes.

“We are always extremely grateful when individuals/groups emerge from the community and express an interest in giving to McMaster Children’s Hospital.  As the home to specialized pediatric care for children and youth in south-central Ontario, it is important that McMaster Children’s Hospital continues to find partners that can assist in spreading our message about the level of care that we provide and the valuable role that donations play in that care.  Choir Nation is going to help us fulfill these objectives and we’re very excited to collaborate on such a fun, innovative concept!” Parker Neale, McMaster Children’s Hospital Foundation.

So what does getting involved in Harmonies for Health entail?

First, you need to identify 15 to 30 people in your workplace who would want to sing in a choir. Next, choose three songs to sing. Choir Nation provides a Music Director to help your choir rehearse for the four weeks leading up to the concert. Each rehearsal lasts 90 minutes and takes place right at your office. On the day of the concert, your choir and two other company choirs will sing a total of nine songs for patients and hospital visitors.

The total fee for each company to participate is $3000, with $1000 of that going to the hospital’s foundation as a charitable donation.

The foundations are thrilled to be partnered up with Choir Nation and look forward to seeing the initiative’s positive impact on patients.

“When Choir Nation approached OneFoundation about their “Harmonies for Health” initiative we instantly knew it would be a great fit,” says Courtney McLoughlin, Community Giving Officer. “Not only will this program raise funds for healthcare needs in Niagara, it will create a healing environment for patients and their families through music”.

For more information on the Harmonies for Health initiative, check out Choir Nation’s website.

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