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Claim: Climate change is affecting the sales of concert tickets. Wait–wut?

It seems that there’s a growing number of human woes that can be traced back to climate change, including the sale of concert tickets. Lawrence Peryer, the COO of an entertainment-and-tech company called Lyte, connected some dots for an article in Bloomberg.

“One of the reasons ticket sales often now occur close to an event, rather than weeks or months ahead of time, is the weather. Climate change. Fans likely don’t want to spend a day in record-high temperatures.”

Okay, maybe. But there are other factors, too. Lingering pandemic fears. A plethora of last-second cancellations by artists. Too many shows and too little money. Out of control inflation. What am I missing?

However, blaming climate change for light concert ticket sales could be a good thing. The more people are impacted on a daily basis, even with things seemingly at first unconnected to climate, the more people will be moved to do something. And with this summer’s extreme weather in Europe (heat, floods, wildfires) disrupting live events, maybe the message will hit home harder.

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One thought on “Claim: Climate change is affecting the sales of concert tickets. Wait–wut?

  • It is not just climate change, it is crazy costs, but also an aging demo too, being closer to 60 than 40 makes three and four hour concert events far less pleasant then in my 20s! Back then, for some stupid reason, I was OK to tolerate communal bathrooms that were little more than open sewers and sweating my ass off for three or four hours getting soaked, or sun-burnt, or both, but those days are long gone.

    Combine age, cost, affluence, COVID, flaky acts and yes, possibly really sh**ty weather, and in all but the most amazing acts, I’m out…


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