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Coldplay and Brian Eno Release Special App for One Song on New Tour

A prolific producer and iconic rock star, Brian Eno’s portfolio contains the names of some of the biggest musicians of the past several decades. From David Bowie to Zvuki Mu to U2 to John Cale, Eno produces any musical genre. In more recent years, he developed a working relationship with Coldplay, having produced their fourth album, Viva la Vida or Death and All His Friends (2008) and made contributions to the Britpop band’s fifth album Mylo Xyloto (2011).

This past week, Coldplay announced another collaboration with the legendary producer: a mobile app that enhances the sound of their new song “Hypnotised”. The band encouraged fans to download the free app through social media to use during their live performances. Developed by Brian Eno and his collaborator Peter Chilvers, this app works similarly to their own Bloom app that allows users to create elaborate patterns and unique melodies by tapping on their device’s screen. Upon detecting the band’s newest single playing, “Coldplay : Hypnotised” generates a new melody based on the song’s piano motif.

The band wrote to their fans on social media:

“Hello everyone. Our great friends Brian Eno and Peter Chilvers have created a beautiful app for the song Hypnotised…

“The app has two purposes: first, if you’re going to one of our shows, please play the app when we play the song Hypnotised – it will sound magical. Second, wherever you happen to be, the app will work really well while the song Hypnotised is playing on another device”.

This isn’t the first time Coldplay has incorporated technology-based interaction into their live concerts. In their 2012 tour for Mylo Xyloto, the band incorporated LED wristbands called Xylobands.

Currently on the European leg of a world tour, Coldplay’s latest album Kaleidoscope (EP) is released today. Fans can try out the new app at one of the remaining 40 remaining dates on their A Head Full of Dreams tour. The European portion ends on July 18 in Paris and then heads over to Canada and the US before finally wrapping up on October 8 in San Diego.

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