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Collision Music Tech Roundup 2023

The A Journal of Music Things/MusicTech team was asked to cover the Collision conference this year and have a look at some of the more interesting startups.


PERSONALIZED SONGS FOR OCCASIONS 🩷 Making custom songs more personal with video & dedication, written by distinguished & award-winning artists.




Interactive multimedia applications:
Transform your Apple devices into expressive graphic and MIDI controllers and get creative with your motion and health sensor data.



Fair and transparent marketplace for buying and reselling tickets using blockchain technology.


holdr fanclub

Holdr is the ultimate music fan-club platform that connects artists with their core communities, leveling the playing field for all.
Empower your music career. Own your future. Cultivate a devoted community of top fans that unlock exclusive VIP perks, supports you throughout your career, and redefines your music journey.


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