A Company That Will Buy ALL the CDs, DVDs and Video Games You Don’t Want Anymore

Chances are you’ve gone through your collection and wondered “What the hell was I thinking when I bought that?”  I know exactly how they feel.  There’s plenty of crap–plenty of it–sitting on many metres of shelves in my house.

While I can’t see me parting with any of the CDs in my library anytime soon–I’m too much of a packrat to do that–there are millions of people on this planet for whom CDs are unnecessary clutter.  But what can be done with them? It somehow seems wrong just to throw them in the recycle bin.

Enter Decluttr, a new company that promises to buy all sorts of discs–including endless copies of Jagged Little Pill and anything by Limp Bizkit. And they say they make money on the transactions, even after they pay the postage.

How?  Well, they don’t pay much for used discs; the minimum is 50 cents.  But they say they can resell just about any disc for a descent markup.  And there are certain discs for which collectors will pay a good price–like, for example, Green Day’s Insomniac.  Who knew?

There’s more secret sauce to their operation, obviously.  Read more about Decluttr at Fast Company.  If you try it, lemme know how it works, okay?  (Thanks to John for the link.)


Alan Cross

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2 thoughts on “A Company That Will Buy ALL the CDs, DVDs and Video Games You Don’t Want Anymore

  • March 31, 2014 at 10:46 am

    Sadly, it appears to be only for residents of the UK and USA — nothing for Canada. 🙁


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