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4 thoughts on “Comparing Cure shows in Canada and the United Stats

  • That makes perfect sense, when you look at the relative population of the two countries. The US has roughly 10 times Canada’s population, and the Cure has played a little over 10 times as many gigs in the US as they have in Canada. It tracks pretty closely.

    What’s actually striking to me is how GTA-heavy that Canadian list is. Well over a third of those Canadian shows (14 out of 34) were either in Toronto proper or in one of its neighbouring communities (Misssissauga, Vaughan, Bowmanville). That outpaces the Montreal and Vancouver areas by a wider margin than I would have thought.

    • But that also makes sense due to the higher population in the GTA. This upcoming concert was sold out in Toronto within hours of the start of ticket sales and there were still tickets available in Montreal days later (albiet the venue is larger in Montreal, but I’m sure the tickets in Toronto would not have taken days to sell out)

      • It does make sense that there would be more shows where the population is higher (…though that doesn’t always track perfectly. Not many Western bands tour China or India, for example, so obviously population isn’t the only factor in determining a market for your music. Sorry for the digression!)

        Interesting that the tickets moved more quickly in Toronto than in Montreal. Obviously there are other things influencing the market. Maybe the ticket price has something to do with it, especially since “dynamic pricing” might give you a lot more variability between locations. Thanks for pointing that out!

      • First show in Montreal sold out in 45 minutes, which I believe is why they added a second show.


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