Cool art exhibit: “An Abridged Sonic History of Global Conflict” features bands named after military and global conflict

Art exhibit “An Abridged Sonic History of Global Conflict” by Toronto artist Lee Henderson will be displayed at Toronto gallery Zalucky Contemporary until March 7th. This exhibit features Henderson’s research of over 100 bands that have names adopted from military terms or global conflict. Bands featured at the exhibit include U2 who were named after an American spy plane and Megadeth, an iteration of the word “megadeath” meaning one million deaths by nuclear explosion.  

Throughout this exhibit, Henderson questions the intentions behind band names using war related themes and vocabulary. He’s chosen to represent some of these band names as custom embroidered patches with designs that are reminiscent of military aesthetics – think stripes, chevrons and images in bold colours. He’s redesigned the logos fo each band, recognizing the historical context from which they were originated. You can check Lee Henderson out on Instagram or Facebook

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