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Cool features of the Roku Ultra

I just checked out a Roku Ultra and it has two really cool features that I wanted to share.

First, I must say that I wanted the Roku Ultra to watch 4k video, so I put little thought into how it would fit into my music listening habits. Like most media players, it has Netflix, Crackle, Cinema Now etc., but I was surprised to find a lot of music apps like Deezer, Slacker, and SiriusXM, with Spotify on the way.

Which brings me to the first cool feature: a headphone jack in the remote control. I totally love this feature!


Headphone Jack in remote

First, it comes in very handy if you don’t like waking your loved ones while binging Netflix late at night. I know I am always scrambling for the volume button as soon as an action sequence starts. The second great way to use this feature is for music listening.  One of the music apps I find myself using a lot is the radio app TuneIn. I listen through the remote control so that I can move around the apartment, do the dishes etc., and have the music move with me.

The Roku also has an app for iOS and Android that is integrated with the box. It allows you to stream your photos, videos and music to your Roku device with ease. A very convenient feature for music listening and sharing. You can also use the App as a remote or a keyboard.


The second feature I love about this Roku is very small. Look closely. Do you see that small black button on top of the unit? Do you know what that is?

That little button makes your remote control beep until a button is pressed on the remote. This feature is fantastic in my opinion and about 40 years overdue. I am always looking for my remotes. Every time I can’t find the remote I wonder why this is not a standard feature for every remote control.

*AJMT was not financially compensated for this post. We have received a product sample for review purposes. The opinions are completely AJMT’s and based on AJMT’s experience.*

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