A Cool New Amp from Fender That Even SMELLS Like Rock n’ Roll

Upcycling has been a growing trend for quite some time. Now, Fender has caught on and given the environmentally friendly movement a rock n’ roll makeover. They took their classic amplifier, repurposed some solid oak barrels that once contained Kentucky Bourbon, and have created the “80 Proof” Blues Junior Limited Edition.

Priced at $2000, they’re not exactly cheap, but Fender only made 100 of these amps, and each one will be unique. The oak has been combined with a matching hand-aged leather handle and brass knobs and control plate components to give it an absolutely stunning vintage look. It even smells like rock n’ roll with the oak giving off an aroma of bourbon when the tubes have warmed up. You will surely feel like a rockstar using this super cool, limited edition amp.

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