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Could old-school-style MuchMusic be resurrected? Maybe. And look who’s behind it.

If you’re of a certain age, you probably have fond memories of rushing home from school to watch the latest music videos on MuchMusic. And every six months or so, you’d run down to HMV or Sam the Record Man to buy the latest edition of Big Shiny Tunes.

MuchMusic evolved into just “Much” years ago when it became obvious that there was no money in just running music videos most of the day. Why wait for your video to come up when we had YouTube? Record labels also stopped their drunken spending on music video production when they realized that nothing could entice fans to buy CDs in the same amounts as they did back in the 90s.

Still, there’s something cool about having a stream of videos coming at you. What’s coming up next? And if a cable TV channel is too expensive to maintain, why couldn’t the old MuchMusic experience be replicated online?

Enter MM alumnus Ed the Sock.

Ed–or more correctly his alter ego (or is it vice-versa) Steven Kerzner is working on a crowdfunding project for NewMusicNation. Could this restore the MM legacy? Let’s take a listen to this podcast from Broadcast Dialogue.

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3 thoughts on “Could old-school-style MuchMusic be resurrected? Maybe. And look who’s behind it.

  • If he could revive it, and lure in some of the original VJs, that would be great! We actually have the Stingray Loud and Stingray Retro channels on our tv quite a bit, often in lieu of the radio or cds.

  • I watch stingray LOUD religiously

  • This new resurrection of Much Music will be something that could lead to good possibilities. We want want true home grown talent that’s willing to revive something that’s been missing for over 20 years and this is the time to get all music genres the exposure they deserve including the older acts. This is the channel that’s going to expose true talent they simply deserve to get a leg up when for so long they simply didn’t have enough boost to get their music scene or heard. This new online station will be what’s going to be and lets revive the quality of music that started from it’s grass roots so all great acts get to be seen and heard.


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