Could This Be the Year of Alternative Pop?

Maybe.  This is from Sean Ross’ newsletter:

While a lot has been made recently about the return of “Alternative Rock” crossover to the Top 40 chart, it’s hinging heavily on two records, Fun’s “We Are Young” and Gotye’s “Somebody That I Used To Know.”

It’s true that both Fun and Gotye represent a change for Mainstream CHR after three years of “Turbo Pop.” Yet, as noted here recently, either song is described more accurately as quirky pop than “Alternative Rock.” Each is something of an outlier at the Alternative format as well. But if Gotye and Fun don’t represent the comeback that “rock” people are waiting for, they are a breakthrough for “Alternative Pop.”

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One thought on “Could This Be the Year of Alternative Pop?

  • +1 for this…a long-time listener of alt-rock tending toward the harder end of the spectrum (RATM, Tool, etc), along with some more quirky stuff (CAKE, Primus), I've found that both Gotye and fun. have stuck in my head in a way that nothing on the radio has in a while.

    If they are a vanguard of an impending radio trend, then I can only applaud their widespread adoption!


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