The Countries with the Worst Internet Service on Earth

We expect the Internet to be available to us everywhere because we’re always online. According to a brand new Statscan Survey, over 98% of Canadians use the Internet daily, mostly through smartphones (76% of us have them), laptops (71%) or tablets (54%).

And we expect our Internet access to be lightning fast. Do you freak out when a page takes more than two seconds to load? I do. Truly a first world problem.

But the Internet is not universal yet. There are some places on the planet where you cannot get service–or at least service that’s very useful.

According to Akamai (via The Telegraph), there are 35 countries in which less than 20% of the population uses or has access to the Internet because of poor (or lack of) infrastructure. If you find yourself in any of these countries, don’t expect to be able to YouTube cat videos.

Then again, that might be a good thing. I could go for an unconnected beach vacation in Sri Lanka or Nicaragua…

  1. Guatemala
  2. Honduras
  3. Nicaragua
  4. El Salvador
  5. Senegal
  6. Burkina Faso
  7. Mali
  8. Ghana
  9. Cote d’Ivoire
  10. Benin
  11. Algeria
  12. Libya
  13. Sudan
  14. Eritrea
  15. Ethiopia
  16. Cameroon
  17. Uganda
  18. Rwanda
  19. D.R. Congo
  20. Malawi
  21. Zimbabwe
  22. Zambia
  23. Namibia
  24. Madagascar
  25. Mozambique
  26. Angola
  27. Yemen
  28. Pakistan
  29. Turkmenistan
  30. Nepal
  31. India
  32. Bangladesh
  33. Sri Lanka
  34. Myanmar
  35. Indonesia

Alan Cross

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