A Couple Neat Gadgets for Listening on the Go

Technological evolution means some cool new gadgets for music lovers. For people who enjoy attending concerts, but want to protect their hearing, you might want to check out this Indiegogo campaign from ProSounds. They have created a product that both protects and enhances your hearing.

From the campaign page:

“The H2P gives you the best of both worlds by combining high-quality hearing enhancement with simultaneous hearing protection. Made from the ground up with the latest and greatest hearing technology, you will never have to miss out on the sounds you want to hear in order to preserve your hearing”.

This neat little gadget has some impressive features. It enhances sounds up to six-times the normal hearing level and compresses sounds over 85 decibels. It also includes an easy-to-use volume control, an external battery compartment for quick and easy battery changes, a the universal securfit design provides little to no visibility, and three options for tips for a customized hearing experience.

The page asserts that their devices can be used in any situation where noise is a concern. Furthermore, although the H2P is not a traditional hearing aid, “it can be extremely beneficial to people who are hard of hearing or for those who want to use it for every day use”. Where hearing aids can be incredibly expensive, this device costs $299 a pair.

There are a few different options backers can choose from. From the featured $299 single pair of H2P, right up to a dealer pack of 10 pairs for $2700. Their original goal was only $25,000 and so far they’ve raised over $275,000.

If you’re interested in these neat little things, you should definitely check out the Indiegogo page here.

For people looking for a new Bluetooth speaker, LG has just come out with a new line of speakers that include LED lights. They’re also water resistant, in case you want to bring your music along with you while you go on outdoor adventures.

According to New Atlas, there’s a 2.5-watt PH2 “designed for cyclists and hikers who want to take their music along for the ride”. It’s splash-proof and a connected strap allows for the speaker to be secured to a backpack or jacket. The battery lasts up to six-hours, two devices can connect to the Bluetooth at once, and it also includes an auxiliary input for older devices without Bluetooth capability.

The three-watt PH3 looks like a lantern with a light right on the top. Unfortunately, it’s not splash-proof like the PH2, however the “light can be run in five different modes, and the speaker uses a single passive radiator for bass”. Plus, the battery life is 10 hours.

The final speaker in the trio, the 16-watt PH4 “is the best of both worlds, offering water-resistance in a punchier package”. Like the PH2, it includes a strap to attach to bags for outdoor listening, and like the PH3 it has a 10-hour battery life. This speaker, however, has a much more powerful sound than the other two and “LG has fitted [it with] dual passive radiators for even better bass”.

There’s no set price yet on LG’s new trio of speakers, but hopefully they won’t be too expensive.

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