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Discogs and Dine Alone Records Bringing Crate Diggers Vinyl Marketplace to Canada

What’s better than digging through a well-stocked record collection? How about a whole bunch of collections – that you can buy. And with a free concert afterwards! That’s the basic premise of the Crate Diggers event: a combination marketplace/show that brings music lovers and their favourite format together for shopping, chatting, and after-hours partying. The show hits the road this summer, making a stop in Montreal on June 10 and Toronto in June 17.

Crate Diggers is put together by Discogs, a phenomenal vinyl wiki/digital marketplace that thousands of users utilize to buy, sell, and categorize their collections. The event series brings together local and national collectors and sellers curated by the website, so you can be sure the pickings will be great. The Canadian leg is also sponsored by Dine Alone Records, who will have some of their great offerings available as well.

Admission to the event is completely free, so even if you’re not looking to buy, don’t hesitate to wander down to see what kind of rarities you can find or what fans you can chat with. And of course, DJs will be spinning the entire day to keep the digging fresh – and to keep the party going after the marketplace closes up shop! Keep an eye on the Crate Diggers Facebook page for more information on the events as it’s released. And if you want an example of what kind of services Discogs can offer you, check out my personal record collection – as a casual collector I highly recommend the website for tracking your pressings and finding more to hunt!

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