The Cryptic Tweet That Has Tragically Hip Fans in a Lather

The Tragically Hip have done ZERO press for the Man Machine Poem tour. They’ve been totally silent when it comes to any of the issues, stories and speculation surrounding their present and future plans. Except for this one tweet from Rob Baker.

Rob Baker tweet copy

And it’s true. They’ve never said anything about this being the “last” anything. But given the way this tour has been conducted from a public and business point of view, everything does point to this being some kind of End. The most compelling evidence is the CBC broadcast of the final show in Kingston on Saturday night. It’s hard to fathom that the band, management, their label and the Corp would embark on something this massive–pre-empting the friggin’ Olympics!–if there wasn’t some kind of finality involved.

Okay, so maybe this is the last tour. It doesn’t preclude the band from:

  • Performing any one-off gigs in the future.
  • Releasing more albums.
  • Working on additional releases (DVDs, etc.)
  • Keeping their options open.

Or maybe Rob was just being nice. But after all the emotion expended on this tour, I just can’t see the band saying “Just kidding!” But we’ll see, right?


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10 thoughts on “The Cryptic Tweet That Has Tragically Hip Fans in a Lather

  • As much as I would love for the band to turn around after the tour and say “just kidding” about Gord’s condition, I highly doubt they would have planned a lie/media stunt like that…The entire nation would be pissed!

    • Just thoughts, They never said this was going to be there final tour! And given Gord Downie condition being terminal! It just may possibly be! It looks pretty grim! I think everyone is maybe assuming it may be there last but no-one is certain it could be today! Tomorrow! A week from now, a month, 6 months, or even a year or more no one knows, and l would amagine it really depends on his health after the tour, if he is still able to work! Writing, doing another album, what ever! So let him be! Let’s not rip there throat out yet! I say if he is healthy enough to do more for God’s sakes let him! He if he is never to do another tour after! I’d rather have seen this one being then none at all! Or to late!!! We would have missed our chance!!!

    • They would never say “just kidding” about Gord’s condition, they’re saying that no-one from the band or their management has acknowledged this is the last show and have gone as far as writing in their contract with CBC that no-one showing the broadcast publicly can call it their last or final show either. I don’t think anyone is questioning that aspect of it.

      I do hope Gord can get someone knowledgeable with cannabis oil preparation to make him Rick Simpson’s Phoenix Tears…if the mainstream medical community has said they’ve done all they can, would be worth trying something non-toxic that’s clinically proven to destroy many kinds of cancer cells.

  • as a band, creatively they will make music as long as they can, tour if it can happen, and when it’s time, they can keep performing and doing what they love with other frontmen. it won’t be the same, but nothing ever is.

  • Interesting how the media and everyone is claiming this is definitely their last show and a farewell tour. The band never stated this was a farewell tour. They stated it feels like the right thing for the band to do a Man Machine Poem tour even with all that Gord is going through. While yes if his condition gets worse this could be a final tour BUT some people with his same diagnosis have lived 10+ years.

  • Ok! I understand what your saying, but when the news broke his oncologist stated this type of cancer is very aggressive by nature and not a lot of research has gone into it, and that every individual is different, but most a high percentage of patients die within a matter of months with this type of cancer 1 being it’s probably one of the worst and most devastating, and l do know this oncologist is on tour with them to make sure that he is ok before he performs, except for one concert he was unable to attend! And given they haven’t done any interviews, I’m really not surprised, He doesn’t really like doing them it’s been noted make him feel uncomfortable! And he is also a very private person to be noted as well! And l can probably a test to this given l’ve lived maybe 15 minutes away from him and his family in Toronto and had no idea he lived that close until he sold his home in Dec! I was like what!! I was really surprised! No run in’s, Not even a clue!! It could be also maybe this is this way of dealing with it or anymore presures of zapping his energy level which this cancer causing is known to do a lot of futigue with the press, interviews ect! Is not to! and just keep focused on the tour and I’m sure this was and is a very devastating blow to him, his family and friends and without a doubt the rest of the band members, in not knowing what may lay ahead but maybe thinking what ever I’ve got now is his chance and possibly may never get the chance again for himself his band members and his fans, maybe at the request of Gordie himself to just focused on the fans! And possibly maybe at the end of the tour decide to do, don’t think it will be many! Interviews ect!! I did hear something mentioned after the tour meetings are apparently to set up there contributions from the tour to be donated from The Hip! To Sunnybrook Hospital for the Gord Downie brain cancer research Foundations project! I guess really is the unknown!! Nobody knows his fate! But definitely the Beast is present it’s just a matter of when is going to attack!! Hope this shines a bit of light over your way!!and on all acct’s things l heard of Gordie and the hip members is there great and down to earth kind of folks, and private people, just doing there music what they love the most!! sorry l now this message is quite lengthy!!!

  • I’m sure the end will be when Gord’s time on this earth ends. No trickery involved there.

  • Like Freddie Mercury, Gord may go into the studio and sing til he can’t physically do it. It’s hard to say how much unreleased material already exists or could be packed away for later, not to mention a live album from this tour plus Blu-Ray release, etc. There could be a lot more ‘Hip to come. Best wishes to the band and do whatever makes you happy.

  • He deleted the tweet, so I’m guessing maybe he realized that it wasn’t cool to toy with peoples’ emotions that way? And you have bad hair, but I love you anyway.

  • David Bowie died two days after he released his last album. Clearly he worked right until the end. Working in a studio is a lot less taxing then touring. As far as the DVD, I’m sure something will be released, the hip owns the video CBC took. Also, I’m guessing at some point there will be a book. At least I hope so, especially if Gord himself wrote it. The stories he must have…


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