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Cult-hit Trailer Park Boys rooted in Nova Scotia hip hop history

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Before Bubbles, Ricky and Julian’s high jinks became an international sensation, it was Cory’s (Bowles AKA Cheklove Shakhil) Truro, Nova Scotia hip hop group Hip Club Groove’s Trailer Park Hip Hop that sparked the cult hit. Bowles, and long-time collaborators Brian Higgins (DJ Moves) and Derek MacKenzie (D-Rock) each played a unique part of Nova Scotian hip hop lore in addition to their roles in providing the spark for the long-running television franchise. The impact of the group on Canadian Hip Hop and culture has been documented by Halifax-based Nova Scotia Hip Hop Historian and Mount Saint Vincent University Instructor Michael McGuire’s 2011 Master’s dissertation titled: How the East Coast Rocks: A History of Hip Hop in Halifax: 1985-1998. Now the famed Nova Scotian hip hop group is getting a re-release from independent hip hop label Black Buffalo Records.

Hip Club Groove’s Trailer Park Hip Hop is set for a limited re-release (300 copies) this month. Originally released in 1994 on Sloan’s Murderrecords imprint, the seminal project is featured as part of a limited double LP. Along with the group’s 1996 follow-up Land of the Lost, available on vinyl for the first time, the record is available now from Halifax-based independent hip hop label Black Buffalo Records.
Having sold 12,000 copies upon its initial release, Trailer Park Hip Hop spurred the group to extensive touring with Sloan, Len and other Halifax alternative scene bands like Thrush Hermit, Hardship Post, Plumtree and others.

A supporting video (see below) for the lead single Shootin the Gift featured a who’s who of Halifax’s entertainment scene. Directed by Trailer Park Boys creator Mike Clattenburg, the video features DJ Moves, Cheklove, and D-Rock competing in a battle of the bands. A cameo appearance from collaborator Stinkin’ Rich (Terfry) aka Buck65 sets the scene for the group to grab the prize loot and flee the venue while Buck65 provides the getaway.” from

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