September 9, 2023

Cymbal Releases 2.0 Version and New Android App

Cymbal, a relatively new but increasingly influential music community, has just released a new 2.0 version along with a new Android app. It was announced in May at Google I/O 2016 as part of the Play Store’s “Early Access” program.

Having only launched last year, Cymbal has quickly expanded to a global usership, welcoming pop stars, indie artists, legendary labels, music blogs, and every day people. So what’s new to this update?

  • Hashtags are communities. In other words, find listeners who like the same music you do by following hashtags like #indie. Crowdsourced playlists acts as fanclubs for anything and are constantly being resorted for popularity. The app also recommends top songs from any hashtag you follow to your feed.
  • Trending songs. You can find out what songs are being shared the most globally by looking at the Explore tab. You can also watch songs move up the crowdsourced charts as new listeners catch on to new music.
  • Listen to everything. From anywhere on the app, any group of songs is playable as a playlist. The empty state of Cymbal’s new player encourages listeners to listen to whatever they’re looking at in sequence.
  • A makeover. The update prioritizes exposing listening, conversations, and interacting with others.

The music and playlists you listen to on Cymbal come from other listeners or communities, rather than algorithms. This app was created to connect people over songs.

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