Dataplay Discs

Around the time MP3s were starting to take off, the recording industry was looking for a new physical format for music.  They tried three:  something called Super Audio CDs and also DVD-Audio, both of which improved on existing CD technology which, let’s face it, is still rooted in the 1970s. 

And although you might have heard of those two formats, I’m gonna guess you never heard of the third:  Dataplay. 

Dataplay discs were about the size of a loonie and could be played on both sides, just like an old vinyl record.  Each could store up to 11 hours of compressed audio plus video, photos, text and more.  Natually, you needed a special player to use one of these things, too. 

Anyone remember the big Dataplay media blitz launched by the labels in June 2001?  Anyone?

Alan Cross

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  • March 1, 2012 at 6:38 pm

    Think you mentioned this on one of your shows "OHONM"…. the format wars….. great ep btw


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