Dave Mustaine, Creationist

In a recent appearance on the Shockwaves/HardRadio podcast, Dave Mustaine dropped this bomb when the subject of the Higgs Boson and the Large Hadron Supercollider came up.

“Science is really interesting. I mean, I don’t believe in evolution, I believe in creation, so science only goes so far with me, but I really dig looking at that whole way that’s set up with the tubing and the piping and the reactors and all the stuff that goes along with it.”

Creationism?  Really, Dave?  Really?  Read more about this malarky at Metal Injection.

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8 thoughts on “Dave Mustaine, Creationist

  • Science might be factually correct but creationism is more practical.

    Think of the creation story like a song that works on you but you don't know why.

  • "Science might be factually correct but creationism is more practical."

    Really Mike? I want you to think about that sentence for a minute.

  • Dave Mustaine is an artist. He creates music. Why is this a shock to anyone?

  • If you don't "believe" in evolution, you shouldn't believe in the Higgs Boson particle either.

  • Who's to say science and creationism aren't both right? Maybe a god created the science for it all to work. Imagine that…. wow a third option where everyone is right. But no let's fight over it till the end of time

  • Anyone who has listened to Dave talk before shouldn't be surprised about this!!!!

  • Dave has always been opinionated, and his opinions have always been a little out there.

    I'm with Kevin. Who's to say God didn't create science?

  • Trying consoling a species who evolution has not been kind to and you will turn to God in a hurry.

    Think Venn diagram people….not black or white


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