Is Dance Dance Revolution Still A Thing? Apparently It Is.

Dance Dance Revolution hit North America around 1999.  Whether we care to admit it or not, most of us probably tried the dance machine craze at some point or other (never mind whatever state of intoxication it may have taken to do so).  It showed up everywhere.  Arcades, movie theatres, movies, TV shows and, of course, competitions.  One man was particularly obsessed with this:

If you ask Wayland Chin when he first played the game, he can remember in a heartbeat: Dec. 6, 2003.

It was Chin’s 15th birthday party, and he invited his friends to the arcade. He saw one friend playing an unusual game that day. There was no remote control, only a screen and a metal platform to dance on. The game was a popular one from Japan: Dance Dance Revolution, or DDR.

Chin fell in love with it immediately.

“I’ve played 12 hours non-stop before, when the arcade opened to when the arcade closed,” Chin remembers. “In the middle of classes, I’d be thinking about getting a better score.”

In recent years, arcades across North America have vanished as large game consoles became too expensive for owners to maintain. Customers have also dwindled as gaming moved inside the home.

Chin, however, never stopped seeking out DDR consoles in Metro Vancouver out of his love for the game.

While these machines have tended to be relegated to rarely used movie arcades or even rarer video arcades, Vancouver still has some thriving arcades, in part because of DDR. This mini-documentary tells some of Chin’s story:

More can be found here.

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