The Deadpool Soundtrack: As Weird As the Super Hero

The big deal of the weekend has to be the release of one of the more interesting superhero movies of late, Deadpool, which is already on track to haul in up to $70 million over its first few days. Not only is it Marvel’s first R-ish rated movie, the character spends a lot of time breaking the fourth wall with the audience. When was the last time you saw that in a superhero movie?

Deadpool is…weird. Therefore, it’s only fitting that such a hero have such an eclectic soundtrack. And you thought the Guardians of the Galaxy soundtrack was out there.

1. Angel of the Morning – Juice Newton
2. Maximum Effort
3. Small Disruption
4. Shoop – Salt-N-Pepa
5. Twelve Bullets
6. Man In A Red Suit
7. Liam Neeson Nightmares
8. Calendar Girl – Neil Sedaka
9. The Punch Bowl
10. Back To Life
11. Every Time I See Her
12. Deadpool Rap – Teamheadkick
13. Easy Angel
14. Scrap Yard
15. This Place Looks Sanitary
16. Watership Down
17. X Gon’ Give It To Ya – DMX
18. Going Commando
19. Let’s Try To Kill Each Other
20. Stupider When You Say It
21. Four Or Five Moments
22. A Face I Would Sit On
23. Careless Whisper – WHAM!

Juice Newton? Neil Sedaka? WHAM!?? Okay then!

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