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Death From Above becomes latest artist to release NFTs

It’s a double dose of Death From Above, as the group announces a new series of NFT releases that will include music samples. 

The band is working with Sturdy, a creative studio, and manager Andrew Gertler for the launch of, an NFT marketplace for musicians.  This announcement comes as DFA prepares to hit the road early next year with a tour in support of the new album “Is 4 Lovers,” starting in Philadelphia.

Each NFT release will come with “potential access to autographed memorabilia, meet and greets and live performances,” Sturdy says. “New NFT drops will go live each week, including a forthcoming collaboration with Jamaican-born/Canadian-based hip-hop producer Boi-1Da and Bacardi.” had a soft launch last week and sold out its entire 5,000-piece art collection with Drake and 21 Savage’s collaborator and visual artist SomeHoodlum. The DFA collection will include “historic film and photography, paired with new original music samples from DFA. Each NFT in the collection comes with potential access to NFT ownership utility such as signed equipment and photography, meet and greet with the artists or even special live show access,” Sturdy says. The NFTs were made in collaboration with Franky Aguilar, of SupDucks, and Misha Vladimirskiy. 

And for those who have read things about the massive energy suck that comes from a lot  of blockchain-based offerings, STURDY says its platform “was built on Flow, which uses 8,000x less energy than other blockchains to minimize environmental impact.”  To help keep things fair and open, it will also accept a variety of payments, including credit card, wire transfer and both bitcoin and etherium cryptocurrencies. (Welcome to the future, kids.) 

DFA’s NFT is set to launch today, Oct. 6, with new offerings out Thursday and Friday. “Daily drops will be curated alongside each artist and have limited edition digital collectables that are unique to the series. In addition, will focus on NFTs that have utility which bridges the digital and physical worlds – unlocking fan experiences, acting as a ticket, pairing with a piece of merchandise and more. Once a collection’s initial drop time has passed, original NFTs are closed for sale but can be sold between users in perpetuity on the secondary market.” 

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