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Def Leppard Meets the Deaf Leopard. This Requires an Explanation.

On Wednesday May 11, Def Leppard was in Little Rock, Arkansas for a concert. Little Rock is home to the Arkansas School For The Deaf whose football team mascot is the Leopards and the team is called the Deaf Leopards.

Because we live in the age of the internet, an online petition was created to get the rockers to take a picture of themselves in front of the school’s football scoreboard. Close to 1,500 people signed the petition, and the band happily agreed to the photo op.

Def Leppard met four students from the Arkansas School For The Deaf backstage at the Verizon Centre, to the delight of the students. They took a picture together with a replica of the scoreboard. One of the students even took the time to teach the band how to communicate some of their songs in sign language.

The school’s spokesperson, Stacey Tatera, told ArkansasOnline:

“We’re so proud for anyone to shine a light on our school, on deaf education and on the work we do here.”

It’s always nice to see rock stars taking time out of their busy schedules to meet young fans and people in the community.

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