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Depeche Mode Tells Alt-Right Douchebag to F*ck Off

If you’ve been following the antics of some of the weirdos orbiting the Trump administration, you’ll know the name Richard Spencer, a far-right alt-right. His views are so repugnant that he was actually forcefully removed from the Conservative Political Action Conference. (If you’re too far to the right for Steve Bannon and his crew, that’ll tell you something.)

But before he was thrown out, he addressed some reporters’ questions including a softball query about whether or not he liked rock music. Spencer said that he did, singling out Depeche Mode as his all-time favourite (cf. this post on his Facebook page) and that the band is “the official band of the alt-right.”

This endorsement is actually worse than it seems at first blush. Many of Spencer and his ilk are fans of a form of electronic music called fashwave, a sound that definitely has plenty of DM DNA running through it.

Depeche Mode and their fans were horrified. Here’s a statement: “That’s pretty ridiculous. Depeche Mode has no ties to Richard Spencer or the alt-right and does not support the alt-right movement.” In fact, Dave Gahan has already compared Donald Trump to Hitler.

And remember when Spencer got clocked in the face? Someone has posted this.

Thanks to AV Club for the tip.

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6 thoughts on “Depeche Mode Tells Alt-Right Douchebag to F*ck Off

  • This is a funny and amusing article. Why do “artists” freak out about the right or anyone like Spencer, yet ok with wackos from the left?

    • Tim, why don’t you go back to sucking on Trump’s dick, you racist neocon warmongering chickenhawk honky asshole? You and people like you are a blight on society, and contribute NOTHING to it beyond race hatred, fascism, and sexism. Too bad that Depeche Mode is antifascist, but that’s life.

  • Hey FUCK YOU. If he had praised your douchebag boyfriend, you would be praising his creativity and prowess as a creative entity. But as you are nothing more than a fucking racist pig Nazi you can’t make it past what a person who thinks differently than you does or says. Kill yourself and please, do not reproduce, asshole.

    • Amazingly insightful reply.

  • Depeche mode, the writer of this article, and pretty much everyone that is left of center should all go out to california, stick your liberal diversity dildos up your asses, pray to george soros, your god, and shoot yourselves in the fucking head.


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