From the Dept. of Duh: People Really Hate the Music Kids Dig These Days

The Washington Post reports on a Vanity Fair poll (via John) that adults hate the music kids are into today.  This shocking news is on par with recent revelations that water is wet, dogs are terrible at calculus and Justin Bieber is a douchebag.

What isn’t covered in this story is that the people who hate their kids’ music also not long ago listened to music that drove their parents crazy.  And I’m willing to bet that their parents’ parents hated the music their children liked, too.

Remember this:  every generation has a biological right to believe that the music of their youth is the greatest music of all time.

Read more here--if you must.

Poll-worst decade for music



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One thought on “From the Dept. of Duh: People Really Hate the Music Kids Dig These Days

  • April 9, 2014 at 9:35 pm

    What? Water is wet?


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