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Did the Upgrade to iTunes 12.2 Scramble Your Music Library? Don’t Panic. Do This.

There were some scary stories coming from people last week about how the upgrade to iTunes 12.2 completely ruined their music libraries. If this happened to you (and if it miraculously didn’t spontaneously resolve itself has it has for some people), don’t panic. Here’s what you need to do. This is from Lifehacker:

Several users in Apple’s forums and around the web have reported that after turning on iCloud Music Library (which scans your music library and makes it available for streaming on all your devices), their metadata was thrown out of whack. In the worst cases, album titles aren’t linked to the right songs and artwork is completely wrong. Thankfully, you can roll back your library file to get it working properly:

  1. Close iTunes
  2. Head to your iTunes music folder (usually username > Music > iTunes)
  3. Drag the iTunes Library.itl file from this folder to your desktop
  4. Open the Previous iTunes Libraries folder
  5. Find the most recent iTunes Library[DATE].itl file. Drag it into the Music > iTunes folder
  6. Rename the file iTunes Library.itl
  7. Reopen iTunes

That should do it. Cross your fingers. Meanwhile, if you haven’t upgraded yet, be careful. I’d stay away from enabling iCloud Music Library until this is figured out once and for all.

Still with iTunes, pity the Greeks. They can’t use iTunes or the App Store because of their financial crisis. They can’t even access PayPal.

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